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Cyber Indeed Video Downloading Tools helps you to enjoy the Bandcamp music not only online but also on your PC, IOS, Android devices, for offline playback or share them the way you want as much as you want. It has more formats to choose for saving the output music.

IMPORTANT: We do NOT support downloading copyrighted music of other people to use with commercial intent and that is not what this tool is created for.

Cyber Indeed Video Downloading Tools presents the fastest and most straightforward ways to download videos, music from Bandcamp, YouTube, FaceBook, Vimeo, Twitter…providing the best quality of the videos saved from Bandcamp. Try it once, and you will agree that this is the most convenient Bandcamp video downloader you ever used!

Easy steps to download music from Bandcamp with Bandcamp Downloader

  • Step 1: Access the directly from your browser. Find the music you want to download in an album. Copy the URL appears on the address bar, by using some keyboard shortcuts. Press (CTRL/Command + L) for selecting URL bar & Press (CTRL/Command + C) for copying the URL.
  • Step 2: You already have the URL from in your clipboard now. Now you need to open directly from the address bar. To be honest, you don’t have to do much just paste the URL into the input field of the site, then click Download.
  • Step 3: After pasting & clicking on the download button, you can see some available format options for the music. Select your desired quality & format click on the Download icon.

No software or registration needed – in our high-performance cloud, we have fast servers which can download and convert files from Bandcamp.

Now you have one single tool which can download videos or music from Bandcamp and thousands of other sites. You can easily convert a video from Bandcamp to mp3 or another given format. Our is totally free thanks to the unique solution. You don’t even have to register an account or install anything! You just need to paste the link and then save the file.

What Is Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is one of the many online music services dedicated to independent artists and labels. It has the advantage of directly remunerating the protagonists, in a B to C (business to consumer) mode. The platform offers many advantages, and assimilates well to the DIY spirit (do-it-yourself). Creators have the ability to manage multiple tools with flexibility, while having control over their income.

In Europe, it is quite surprising to note a lower enthusiasm than in North America towards Bandcamp. Canadian and American artists / audiences are more seasoned users. Bandcamp brings together everything within a single platform, with distribution / listening to music / merchandising. The auditor does not have to “switch” between several services. Bandcamp is clearly functional for a direct-to-fan perspective. Founded in 2007, the platform had donated towards the end of 2013 a total of 50 million dollars to artists. There are about 8 million titles there.

The Bandcamp concept

An effective concept: to host and distribute digital and physical music on a simple, readable and clean interface. The sale is made by title or album. You can offer your music in streaming and / or download and / or physical. Without forgetting the merchandising. Hosting is free with no data limitations. The interface takes up the classic idea launched by MySpace in the early 2000s: personalized page with bio, songs / albums, photos / artwork… With Bandcamp we sell what we want in addition to the standards: various packaging and collectors, derivative products etc. A wide choice is available to Internet users.

Insert your social network links and make contact, recommend albums, classify your music by tags, display your next concerts, personalize the visual (header, wallpaper, artwork), and note that the artistic credits are clearly visible. An advantage over many online services is that the listener immerses himself in your visual world. It is a shame to note that some profiles remain little exploited at this level. Sharing the reader via an embed code that the listener can personalize with shape, color etc. A little Soundcloud in all of this … To better integrate this player on different web media.

Creating a profile and uploading a song / album is quick:


  • Leave your music free or paid. An option allows fans to pay more if they want (“Let fans pay more if they want”).
  • Put your music under creative commons license or all rights reserved.
  • Add and delete your tracks for free in mp3, flac, AAC, Ogg, Alac. Bandcamp does not offer anything below 320 kb/s. So good sound quality; for compressed formats of course!
  • Download codes: are codes to send by email to your community, or to print on cards / artworks. You can slip them into a vinyl that you sell at concerts. You have 200 download codes when you create an account. Internet users can download your music. If you need more, buy some from Bandcamp or win some (1000 download codes added in increments of 500 US dollars of sales = 365 €).
  • Discount codes: your community can benefit from discounts on everything you sell. Distribute these codes as you wish via email, social networks etc. Help:
  • Download credits:credits to put your downloadable content for free each month. You have 200 credits. If they are not all used, they are readjusted to 200 each beginning of the month. If there is none left in less than a month, your music is paid for. You can then redeem some. This system of codes and credits can appear complex and questionable.


  • As an artist / producer, you directly receive the money via Paypal, for a decreasing remuneration to Bandcamp: 15% on sales, which are reduced to 10% if you reach 5000 US dollars (3653 €) on a year. For physical sales, the remuneration is at 10% permanently.

We open a PayPal account, which we must also remunerate, according to this grid:

€ – 2 500.00 €: 3.4% + 0.25 €
2 500.01 € – 10 000.00 €: 2.0% + 0.25 €
10 000.01 € – 50 000, 00 € 1.8% + 0.25 €

For example, we will take the case where you are an unknown artist who has just opened a profile. You sell a digital album at 9.99 euros:
9.99 – 15% (Bandcamp) = 8.49 euros – (3.4% + 0.25 euros for PayPal) = 7.95 euros directly in your pocket. This is very reasonable given the average income of artists on the web. In addition, there is no VAT on sales.

-Put your merchandising online

Same concept as selling music for pricing, but without the free option this time. Without going into details, you can put “Limited Edition” on your page for any product. Also include a song / album to download. This offers good marketing possibilities. It is up to you to assess the shipping costs.


A great way to keep your community going. The content must live up to expectations;) You have an album soon to be finalized: the idea is to use the option “this is a digital preorder”, when uploading.

Choose the songs you want to listen to while people pre-order. Then check the option “release preorder now”. Those subscribed to your mailing list will receive the link to download the entire album. For a general overview of the process, read this very well illustrated tutorial by Bandcamp (in English). The pre-order also works on the sale of physical products: the buyer will be able to download the songs you have chosen before receiving his CD from the release date. The management of physical orders is always more complicated. It is important to evaluate the pageal deadlines in relation to the dates you have set; matter of habit.


When you sell a physical album (or a derivative product), it is possible to add the digital version to it at no additional cost to the buyer. The Bandcamp interface shortens the circuits and allows Internet users to buy “all in one” On the screenshot below, we are in the event that you are selling a pack that includes a box set – pageer, vinyl and download – plus a t-shirt.

The advantages of Bandcamp

  • Collect email addresses in exchange for a download, enough to build a mailing list and retain your community. A powerful marketing tools.
  • Send as a gift to a friend (“Send as a gift”): pay online then enter the email address of a loved one and they will receive the song directly, along with a personal note.
  • (For the more geeks), trace his songvia a CIHR code and his album via a UPC code; and benefit from weekly reporting.
  • “Discover” function in the menu bar. It’s become the norm on most online music services, but this one is particularly well done. Discover music by style, format (vinyl, cassette, digital…), sales ranking.
  • Involvement with Bandcamp for fans: fans can create a profile to share their music, create wishlists, follow their favorite artists in real time, chat with other fans, listen to their latest Bandcamp purchases via a free mobile application, etc. So, sharing – recommendation – instantaneity which, according to yours truly, are inseparable from the practices of online music today. Any auditor can become a prescriber.
  • Bandcamp Pro (10 US dollars per month = 7.3 €): Precise statistics to help you know your fans, as well as a tracking of your page via Google Analytics – Private pages and sending links to targeted people: one way to canvass the press before releases and offer something extra to the most loyal in your community – Your own domain name ; which is good for SEO.
  • Since the end of 2014, there has been Bandcamp for Labels: a means of facilitating the distribution of all the artists of a label. $ 20 per month if you have up to 15 artists, or $ 50 unlimited. It should be noted that important labels like Sub-Pop have joined. The advantages: centralization of sales / streaming statistics, management of merchandising on a single interface.
  • Reproduce the Bandcamp page identically on its Facebook artist page via a dedicated application.

What is a little less good with Bandcamp?

An opinion based on my experience and discussions with fellow musicians: iTunes is by far the most popular and widely used platform. These public buys there with their eyes closed. For Bandcamp and others, some do not trust or do not want to make an effort to discover a new tool. People will tend to listen, but buying is something else. The conversion rate is not always there. And some would say that streaming is not paid.

In conclusion

The artists present on iTunes are not necessarily present on Bandcamp. DIY and all the spirit that lends itself to it means that some launched their albums first on Bandcamp. Namely that they had a well-established fan base and a certain notoriety. This is the perfect place to send fans. Bandcamp focuses on the different ways an artist can sell their music, by integrating various options. It is certainly the best distribution platform for independent artists today. A vision dedicated to creators, without payment of monthly remuneration for hosting etc. Bandcamp operates like a store, and functions as such: pricing, promotion, pre-order, packs, gifts. All this is represented under the same “brand”, ie your musical project. So, you take control of your music sales and are independent.

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