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BitChute aims to put creators first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely. BitChute is a video hosting service known for accommodating far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists, and for hosting hateful material. You can easily download BitChute video just copy video URL and paste in above box and click download and enjoy HD videos for free.

BitChute: a YouTube competitor based on BitTorrent

Today it is difficult to compete with the giant Google and its YouTube platform in the video sector as the investments are substantial when it is necessary to store and route data to users.

It is from this observation that BitChute was born, a platform which aims to be an alternative to that of Google, much freer and which relies on the BitTorrent network to ensure the distribution of content.

Each content creator thus becomes himself a broadcaster via the BitChute client software, then each viewer in turn shares the parts he has downloaded and viewed … The principle of P2P is respected, with however the possibility, as it is. has been the case for a few years now, to enjoy a streaming stream, either in direct reading.

Ray Vahey, creator of the platform indicates that BitChute was also born from the fact that YouTube displays an increasingly strict censorship since its creation. Censorship that sometimes even turns into a conflict of interest and non-respect for Net neutrality.

Launched confidentially for now, BitChute is only accessible to a handful of testers, but the platform should soon open to a wider audience. It remains to be seen how BitChute will manage the issue of the illegal distribution of content subject to copyright and thus avoid turning into yet another version of the PopCorn Time platform.

Looking for an alternative to YouTube? How about BitChute?

The WebTorrent protocol used on BitChute allows each user to become a host, it is indeed each user who allows to share videos directly from their browser, from what they are viewing. It offers peer to peer content, but as a bonus it eliminates the need for censorship from the Mountain View firm or other companies depending on the media used. As Ray Vahey explains: “The idea came to us when we saw the increase in censorship in recent years on media platforms,” stressing: “I knew that creating a clone would not be the answer, many have tried and have failed. And the same problems would have arisen with the growth of the company”.

BitChute is only available to a handful of users at the moment, but should quickly democratize, it is obvious that such a service will quickly have to deal with many complaints, regarding the content that will circulate, in particular the videos of films. or series that we risk quickly finding there. The creator of WebTorrent applauded the use of his technology and said, “This is exactly the kind of site for which WebTorrent technology was created. I can’t wait to see how far the site team will take it”.

As with most peer to peer tools, you can view live under the videos, the number of sources to which you are connected, as well as the speeds. Does YouTube have any concerns with the arrival of such a tool? Only time will tell…

BitChute is a site that offers an alternative to YouTube. It was created for those who are disappointed with the famous platform and who seek more freedom of expression. Indeed, the viewing of videos on the internet has exploded in recent years and YouTube has become essential. However, some accuse the latter of imposing numerous restrictions on creators wishing to distribute their content on this online video giant.



This new video viewing system was created by Ray Vahey. He launched his idea, because according to him YouTube and other platforms impose more and more standards in order to be able to put content online.

As for the American giant, it had changed its terms of use and several YouTubers had the unpleasant surprise to see that some of their videos could no longer be sponsored, or even broadcast. This obliges them to modify their works or even to leave the site. Observers accuse the famous platform of deliberately promoting and highlighting content that serves their interests.

How to stand up against YouTube?

Ray Vahey offers an alternative so that it is the creators who themselves distribute their content without restriction and without censorship. But how do you stand up to a giant like YouTube? Especially when it comes to video hosting. In theory, countless numbers of servers are required with the associated costs. In order to achieve this, the solution has been found. The videos are simply not hosted by the platform!

It is the content creators and the users who view the videos who will host them. The system on which BitChute is based is that of peer-to-peer where each user becomes a server. The technology used is that of WebTorrent.

How it works?

The interface of the site is similar to that of YouTube: a video, comments, the ability to share and vote. The difference is that when a person watches a video, they host it and make it immediately available to Internet users. Below is the number of users who serve as the source of the video being viewed.

However, this system has drawbacks. For example, to remove a video from the site, it must be deleted from the computer of all users who have viewed it. Therefore, the distribution of content although now free will be more difficult to moderate.

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