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You often read the name “Likee” on some videos but you don’t know what it really is.

Likee is an application   for creating and sharing funny, original videos. With Likee, you have the possibility to make super fun videos to amuse the gallery, to sing your favorite song.

Likee is also a lot of features as well as super cute filters and stickers. The Musical Magic filters, the Supermoi tool, the Video Dubbing feature, to name just a few, will give your videos a touch of originality. For example, Video Dubbing allows you to imitate your favorite actors by repeating their scripts, through a video.

With Likee, you can make thousands of friends across the world. It’s also a kind of social network that lets you meet other people who share your passion for making videos. For example, the “Nearby” feature gives you the ability to find new friends who live in your city.

In this page you will learn how to download videos from Likee App without Watermark. If you are also a mobile phone user, then you must also know about the Likee App, because Likee is the most popular in India after Tik Tok. In this, you can become famous by making short videos. If your video was played in it, that is, you became famous in this app, then you can earn millions by going live. Today, all the famous people on Like app have been gifted lakhs of rupees by their followers. By the way, sometimes we like some videos, which we try to download in our mobile gallery.

The way to download video is also very easy in the Likee app because you get the option of download in its ride side. Which also tells how many people have saved the video so far. But its biggest problem is that Watermark comes in it. To remove this watermark, users try various methods. By the way, if you also want a video without Watermark from Like App, then in this page we are going to tell you a very easy way of this. So, let’s know how to do this.

If You are Using Android Mobile then How Can You Download Likee videos Without Watermark?

Step 1: – First of all, install the likee and like video app in your android mobile.

Step 2: – After installing likee and like app you will have many video shows of like. Would like to download likee or like video. Click on that video, then the video will open. After the video is open, you will see some icons in the side of this video, out of which you have to click on the icon containing the share.

Step 3: – After clicking on the icon, you will open the menu, in which you will see a lot of icons, in that you have to click on the copy link, clicking on the link link will be video link copy.

Step 4: – Then after that you have to paste the copied link after coming to the search box, then click on the download button, then you will get the link to download like video, you can download the video.

If You are Using Desktop Or Laptop then How Can You Download Likee videos Without Watermark?

Step 1: – Open the website of on your desktop. Then after clicking on the trending menu, you open the list of videos.

Step 2: – Then open any video you want to download.

Step 3: – Then copy the browser link of the Likee video. After copying the browser link of the video, paste it in the search box and then click on the download button.

Step 4: – you will get the link to download likee video, you can download the video.

How to Download Likee Status Video.?

You can also download status videos of likee.You can also download funny videos of likee.This means to say that you can also download like status video from this page of likee video downloader, which you can easily put on the status of your mobile.

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